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"New Look, Same Outdated Technology"

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Internet Explorer comes with a new look and feel built off Internet Explorer 7. However Internet Explorer is also behind in technology in almost any category you can think of. It's one of the slowest browsers, it's less secure than the rest and it has less features than the other browsers. On top of that it does worse on the Acid3 test than all other browsers. Hell for fun I tested IE8 against Phoenix [later known as Firefox]. Results were Phoenix did better on the Acid3 test than Internet Explorer 8. Were talking about a browser released in 2002 outdoing a browser released in 2009. That to me is enough to keep me sticking with Internet Explorer alternatives. But at least Internet Explorer produces some of the best looking web pages.

  • Free
  • Works on almost all websites
  • Crisp Web pages
  • Technology is years behind the competition
  • A huge security risk
  • Less features than it's competition

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25 Oct 2009

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